What Makes Tungsten Rings So Popular? Let’s Look at Some of The Best Reasons!

The preference for gold, silver, and platinum as prime jewelry metals is gradually on the decline. Many other metals that belong to the category of precious metals have now found a place beside the traditional jewelry metals. Palladium and rhodium had already broken into the scene earlier, and soon it was the turn of tungsten and titanium to join the elite metals.

If you are a market watcher and aware about the trends in jewelry, you must have noticed that tungsten rings are quite popular now. The trend that started a few years ago has now gained momentum and is drawing the attention of people who want to break free from tradition. The upward price trends of the traditional jewelry metals is perhaps another reason why people are looking for some alternative metals that can offer gorgeous jewelry within a budget.

Wedding bands are supposed to last so long that it can outlive couples who adore it.  The value of jewelry depends on two factors – its intrinsic cost and longevity. The traditional jewelry metals have superior longevity, and that is the reason why artisans prefer those for jewelry making. However, its high price often puts people in a spot, and that is when craftsmen start looking for more affordable alternatives. Perhaps, this urge for affordable jewelry that also lasts long has paved the way for tungsten rings that now find a place of pride in jewelry stores. In this article, you will find the reasons behind the rising popularity of tungsten rings.

Rings have to last long

The hardness of metals is a direct indicator of its longevity. The harder the metal is; less is the chances of damage. Most rings use metals that last long because it can withstand the strains of constant wear. Gold and silver are the usual choice of jewelers for making rings, whereas platinum rings, being more costly, are made in smaller quantities. No one likes to wear rings regularly unless the items are very expensive and of premium quality. Only very high-value rings like the ones made from platinum are for occasional use so that it has a long life that justifies its high price. Tungsten is so hard that it can match the hardness of platinum. Therefore, it is only natural that people prefer tungsten rings that can last through their lives.

It is tungsten carbide

You cannot use jewelry metals in its pure form. Whether it is gold, silver or platinum, none of these can be 100% pure when used for making jewelry. Like any other jewelry metals, pure tungsten is not suitable for making jewelry. You have to combine tungsten with other alloys to make it fit for making jewelry. When you mix tungsten with carbon atoms in equal proportions along with some other elements it produces tungsten carbide that has all the properties that make great jewelry. The tungsten rings that you find on the catalogs of jewelry shops are actually tungsten carbide rings. It is an alloy of tungsten and other metals like chromium, tantalum, titanium, nickel and niobium. The alloying elements are in minuscule proportions.

How hard is tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide is so hard that it is almost impossible to damage it. That is the reason for its use in cutting tools and drill bits for mining and oil exploration rigs. The hardness as measured on the Mohs scale ranges between 8 to 9, which is much higher than gold and silver. Tungsten is almost ten times harder than gold. When selecting tungsten rings pay attention to the hardness because jewelers use various grades of tungsten for making rings. If you are looking for the strongest variety, then stick to that particular grade that has the highest number in terms of hardness. As the Mohs scale has a range between one and ten, you can well imagine how hard tungsten rings can be.

It is highly affordable

Tungsten rings are cheap, and when you consider its longevity, it may seem that you get it almost free. This aspect of affordability is one of the reasons for its popularity. The gold ring that costs you $300 to $400 will be just $50 if you get it made from tungsten.  Although the price is so low, the appeal of tungsten jewelry is almost as good as or even better than traditional metals.

It needs no maintenance

Once you wear a tungsten ring, you need not take any care of it. The hardness ensures that there is no damage to the ring no matter how harsh the conditions may be. The shining appearance of tungsten jewelry remains intact for years. You need not fear that the jewelry will lose the shine and become dull after some years as it happens with gold or silver jewelry. Unlike gold jewelry that needs re-shaping when used for many years, tungsten jewelry retains its shape throughout. For maintaining tungsten jewelry you need not spend anything at all, and this adds to cost saving.

Appearance that resembles platinum

The choice of jewelry material depends on age as well as the gender of users. Gold is a metal that best suits women and even the elderly are attracted to it. Younger people are usually off beat in their choices and like to walk against the conventional practices. They prefer diamonds and steel, and now there is the new craze for tungsten. Tungsten rings are slightly darker in appearance than platinum, and they have a mirror finish that looks brilliant. If you find the tungsten ring that you have chosen has a grainy and very dark appearance, then there is every reason to suspect its quality.

Human skin can tolerate tungsten very well due to its hypoallergenic properties, and the metal does not react with water or other chemicals that you use in daily life. Even if you wear tungsten rings regularly, it remains unaffected by the conditions to which it is exposed. Tungsten rings are now grabbing all attention, and to get one, just log on to https://www.tungstenrings.com/, one of the best online stores for tungsten rings!