How to Know The Right Quality of Tungsten Wedding Bands

There used to be a time when gold and silver maintained their monopoly in the jewelry market. Platinum is costly, and it has always remained the choice of selected few who can afford it. Gold is versatile in many respects – it is excellent for creating any kind of design without any limitations, and different grades of gold that are available makes it quite affordable. When analyzing the reason for the monopoly of gold in the jewelry industry, these reasons come to the surface. Any other metal that can match these parameters stands a good chance of grabbing a share in the jewelry industry.

When you look at the popularity of tungsten rings, the first thing that strikes your mind is its affordability. As compared to the traditional metals used in jewelry making, tungsten is very cheap. At the same time, the appearance of these rings that closely resemble platinum can give you the satisfaction of emulating similar styles without having actually to spend for it. Tungsten does not have the capabilities of replacing any of the traditional jewelry materials, but it is an important addition that gives more options for style and fashion, and it is also highly durable and affordable.

Best for wedding bands

Leaving aside platinum, which is an elitist choice, tungsten rings or wedding bands are perhaps the best option if you consider its longevity. Tungsten is a very hard metal, and when mixed with carbon and some other metals, it creates an alloy named tungsten carbide, commonly used in jewelry making. The alloying effect imparts unique properties to the metal that make it suitable for making jewelry. The hardness of the base metal passes on to the alloy and makes tungsten rings so much durable that it can last a lifetime. Since wedding rings should last as long as you live, tungsten rings perfectly meet the requirement. Those who prefer simple designs of wedding rings that are stylish and trendy will find tungsten rings as the right choice. The selection of metal that is different from the traditional ones indicates the buyer’s preference for walking against the tide.

Characteristics of tungsten carbide rings

Before you buy tungsten rings, know about the features of this new metal in jewelry. Although everybody knows about gold and silver, jewelry users are not much aware of tungsten, as it is widely popular in industrial applications. Its recent entry into the jewelry world has created quite an excitement among fashion conscious people who should know more about the metal before they can make a choice.

  • Tungsten is available in powder form and is mixed with carbon, cobalt, nickel and some other elements to produce a compound of tungsten carbide, which then gets used for making jewelry.
  • Tungsten carbide is very versatile, and it is useful in making blades and other kinds of cutting tools.
  • It has high tensile strength and is so hard that it is completely scratch resistant.
  • It has moderate capabilities of conducting heat and electricity. It is slightly heavier than 14k gold.
  • Despite being so hard, the metal has chances of breaking or cracking under very high force.

Jewelry grade tungsten carbide

There is something special about the quality of tungsten carbide. The difference is in the choice of the alloying metal. Tungsten rings use tungsten that has nickel as the alloying element. If you are worried about the use of nickel, then you should know the fact that the quantity of nickel is so small that it does not affect the human skin to cause allergy. However, never choose tungsten that has used cobalt as the alloying element. It can cause allergies as cobalt reacts with human skin. Moreover, cobalt reacts with the oils that the body releases and this can leave a dark patch on your skin.

Wide price range

Although tungsten rings are cheap, it is interesting to note that these rings are available in a wide price range. It can be quite confusing if you do not know the reason for the difference in price. There are three grades of tungsten carbide rings available in the market. The highest grade has the least content of nickel while the quantity of nickel increases as you go down the grade.  The nickel content determines how suitable the ring will be for human skin. The highest grade is entirely safe for use, and it costs the most. The cheapest grade has the highest nickel content that can cause skin allergy. Thus, the price of tungsten rings has a direct relation to its quality.

It is brittle

If the longevity of tungsten that lasts much more than gold, silver, and platinum has impressed you and you are attracted to its scratch resistant properties, then you will be surprised to know that ultra hard metal is quite brittle. Yes, it may sound like an anomaly, but it is true. While gold and platinum can bend and are de-shaped under pressure, tungsten rings will simply crack or break. Yes, it breaks no doubt, but the pressure has to be quite intense. Under normal circumstances and in daily life, chances of tungsten rings cracking or breaking are so remote that manufacturers are ready to offer lifetime warranties for tungsten rings.

Choosing inlays for wedding rings

Many designs of tungsten bands have inlays made from different materials like ceramic, carbon or wood. The inlays provide contrasting effects to the shiny surface of tungsten rings and add variety to the design. Since tungsten has a natural gray appearance, use of black inlays is quite common, and this has raised questions about the black tungsten rings. Since the materials used for inlays do not have high scratch resistant properties, be ready for scratches on the ring. If it happens, the purpose of selecting tungsten gets defeated.

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