Factors to Consider When Buying Tungsten Carbide Rings

Rings are a crucial part of any wedding. This is because they are a symbol of the commitment that couples are making to be together forever. Therefore, with rings, you need to find one that is quite durable as it will be worn for a long time. Tungsten rings are the best choice for couples who are planning their nuptials. This is because this material is quite unique and durable. Read on to know what you should consider when buying tungsten rings for your wedding.


When purchasing a ring, you must consider the size of your finger. You can get your finger size by visiting your local jeweler or you can use virtual sizing cutouts and charts. Going to a jeweler is the best because you will get the actual size of the finger rather than estimates. The size that you will be given is the actual ring size that you should wear. Sizing is crucial because everyone wants a ring that is a perfect fit and not one that is too big or too small.

Comfort and craftsmanship

Most pictures in online jewelry stores will look the same; however, the quality of the real product may be different. You should ensure that the ring you purchase is comfortable to wear and that it is made with excellent craftsmanship. It should not have any rough, sharp or rugged patches that may injure your finger. This will ensure that you have the highest quality and most comfortable rings for your nuptials.


The thickness of the ring will affect how it feels when worn on the finger. Most sellers will only boast about how comfortable their rings are when worn. However, very few will be eager to tell you the thickness of the tungsten. You need a ring that will perfectly fit on your fingers and not one that looks like a bolt. On average, tungsten rings tend to be thicker than gold rings

Ring Styles

Tungsten rings are available in a variety of designs and styles. At www.tungstenrings.com, our rings are marvelously designed to suit the needs of different people. You will get both thin and thick bands that can comfortably fit your fingers. There are also plain rings and those that have various designs to choose from. You can also get customized bands to satisfy your unique needs. This is one store that offers couples the bands that they want.

The appearance

The appearance of the wedding band is an important factor.  This is because every individual at your wedding will be looking at your ring. In addition, people will also notice your band whenever you are driving, typing, paying for goods or services and when you shake hands. For men, the rings should not have lots of detail, but they should not be too plain either.  Go for a band that you are comfortable wearing as you will have it for many years.


Tungsten carbide rings are available in different, unique colors and shades. Make sure that you choose a shade that blends well with your skin tone. Take time to determine whether the shade you choose will become ugly, boring or be extremely distracting in the future. You can get help choosing the right band shade from your bride, your friends or the sales representatives. For most men, black is a great color that is associated with manliness.


Tungsten bands tend to be different from other metal rings because their craftsmanship is different. Therefore, a high price for these rings is usually an indicator of excellent quality.  The work involved in the production of these bands justifies its high price. However, the cost will vary depending on whether the bands are made of pure tungsten or a mixture with other precious metals. Be sure to choose a band that suits your budget.


Different genders will wear different types of rings. Men and women can both enjoy the durability, look and feel that is associated with tungsten rings. Men love wider bands, while women prefer narrower rings. At www.tungstenrings.com store, you will get various rings that can be worn by both genders.  From the wide selection of tungsten rings available, you will definitely find one that suits your needs.

Compare stores

When buying your wedding bands, make sure that you comparison shop for the best deals. Tungsten wedding bands tend to be quite affordable compared to those made from precious metals. However, some stores may charge unsuspecting couples higher prices. However, comparing the prices of different rings from various sellers will help you choose one with great prices. You will be guaranteed of getting a variety of designs at great prices.

Return policy

The return policy is one of the factors that you must put into consideration when purchasing a wedding ring.  You do not want to buy a band and get something that you did not order. In such a case, the company should allow you to return product and exchange it for you or return your cash. Most sellers will allow for a 30-day free exchange or will refund you the cash minus the shipping costs.


Before you buy your tungsten ring, make sure that you check out the company that you are buying from. This is important, especially if you are buying your bands online. Most companies will have documents of warranties and certificates of authenticity for their rings. Make sure that you also know how the rings will be packaged and the shipping policies. You should dig deep to know whether the seller has had any shoddy connections or deals. This will ensure that you only buy from an authentic jeweler.

It is easy for most people to get stressed out when buying tungsten rings, whether they are buying from the local mall or online. This is because every shop will claim that their bands are the best. This is why you need to go past the sales pitch and purchase wedding rings that you will have for years to come. www.tungstenrings.com offers you tungsten rings that you will not get anywhere else.  You do not have to spend lots of cash buying rings that you do not love.