Top Tungsten Carbide Rings To Choose From

Without a doubt there are hundreds and even thousands of tungsten carbide ring possibilities. There are so many options varying from inlays, insets, diamonds, color choices, wood inlays, antler and more. How do you go about choosing these different rings? We believe that it is best to try them on in person! It is hard to select a perfect ring online only, that is why we recommend either purchasing your top favorite tungsten carbide rings and then choosing your favorite or getting an idea for your favorite wedding band by visiting a brick and mortar store. Once you have selected the perfect type and style that you like, then we recommend shopping online to find the best deals.

By following that advice you will be able to purchase right the first time and save yourself a tremdendous amount of money. Some of our most popular products are the black inlaid tungsten carbide. These are very high quality rings that last a lifetime. Many customers rave about the look and feel of the two tone wedding bands. With black and silver tungsten meshed together it really stands out and looks professional.

With the options of black inlaid tungsten you get a huge variety of possible styles that are available.

Check out a few of these popular 2 tone rings that we carry:

These are the most popular rings that we sell to date.

A few other options we have are wood type of tungsten. Check these rings out below:

Those are some of the best selling wood inlayed rings that we carry. Many couples are going for wood because they are authentic and look so nice. We carry a lot of different wood inlayed options for you to choose from.

If you need help deciding we recommend that you purchase 2 or 3 different styles and trying them on and comparing them. This is sometimes the best option because it allows you to try them on in person rather than estimating what it might look like in person on your finger.

You might be asking yourself, why a tungsten ring and not titanium, stainless steel or cobalt? Tungsten is the hardest and most scratch resistant metal you can own. Even titanium which is a hard metal can scratch easily and will show wear and tear after the first 2 weeks of wearing it. The owner of has been wearing tungsten for over 5 years now and has never had any of his rings look worn in anyway. They really are durable and last a very long time. There are many good qualities about this metal and we recommend to our customers trying this metal. You will see for yourself why they are so popular among men’s rings!