Why You Need To Choose A High Quality Tungsten Ring And Not A Budget Ring

With hundreds of companies now selling tungsten rings online, you have to be very cautious where you buy them from. There are many reason why. Let’s dive into these reasons so that we can help you determine which companies you should be working with.

The #1 rule is to make sure you are buying from a reputable seller. We recommend that you only purchase tungsten rings that cost a minimum of $100 and up.

The reasons why we say this are as follows:

  1. Many of the inexpensive rings come straight from China. With China, you get what you pay for. Lots of times the Chinese rings are very low quality, scratch easily and are not a high quality tungsten.
  2. The reason why many newly weds are tempted to purchase inexpensive rings from site like ebay are because of the low price point.
  3. We recommend spending at least $100 which is still a very low dollar amount on a wedding ring. This will ensure that you are not getting the cheap knock-offs that are so common out on the web stores.

By purchasing higher quality tungsten rings online, you will make sure that you are getting real tungsten without all the adders fillers and agents that they often add to tungsten carbide such as nickel.

We have been selling tungsten carbide for about 10 years now and actually had to learn this the hard way to begin with. When we first started purchasing rings from different suppliers across the globe, we found out that the quality was extremely different. Some of the rings looked like $300 quality rings because in fact they were, while some of the rings looked like $1 vending machine rings.

The benefit of working with our online company is that we have been selling rings for over a decade and have the best suppliers of tungsten carbide at very affordable costs. We also purchase all of our products in bulk which further save us money. We can then pass all of this savings straight to you as a customer.

Be wary of spending over $300 on any tungsten ring unless it has high end inlays. Many companies up sell way to much because the overhead they have is also way too high. We recommend purchasing online because the online products are typically priced 50% off what you would pay in a retail store.

We hope that these few tips have helped you out. Good luck on your next online wedding purchase!