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    Since 2004 Tungsten Rings.com has been selling not just exquisite tungsten carbide but all types of men’s rings from cobalt to titanium and even stainless steel – products chosen with the utmost care and attention to every small detail. We have added a series of dynamic promotions on the site ranging from 10% to $100 off – make sure you use the Coupon Code associated with any current promotions we are running! The booming success of this site is due in primarily a result of two major decisions when the online store was originally activated: first, we made to carry only the finest ring products anywhere in the world and second, we made the decision to make sure the customer comes first – that they are delighted not just with the fantastic products but also with the prices and mostly with the awesome and focused delightful customer experience! Along with the decision to carry only the finest products we made the decision when we first opened the store, as mentioned, we made the decision to treat our customers using thre Golden Rule – which is NEVER out of date or out of style.

    We believe and have found that if customers trust you, respect the quality of your products, then they buy – whether it is brick and mortar stores or an online experience such as at tungstenrings.com. We have taken great lengths to ensure that our customers know upfront how we will treat them – we have all policies clearly and forthrightly spelled out on the FAQ tab on the home page. We try and anticipate customer’s questions and hopefully they are answered as truthfully as we know how on our home page not just under the FAQ tab, but also under other informative tabs. What about pricing? We have done our homework and while we may not be the cheapest prices on each ring, we are FAR UNDER the retailers in price and we try and beat the online competition as well! We ask ourselves how much is enough to make per product and how much do we need to stay in business and continue offering delightful customer experiences - this might mean that we are more or less than another online seller but as mentioned we try and not just competitive with online sellers but to really beat the brick and mortar stores. We have been asked before - how can you sell for so cheap when the retailer was charging so much more? And the answer is straightforward and simple. Overhead. We have little overhead when compared the retailers who have to pay high rent and employee costs with benefits and signage and marketing and supplies and mall fees, etc. If we have their high overhead could we sell for less? I think not but less overhead means we can sell for less and still make a fair profit for Mens Tungsten Rings. Many customers ask about what happens if they have a problem with one of our products – a broken ring or a ring that loses a diamond or maybe even one that is sized wrong – they lost weight and need a smaller ring size.

    We refer them to the FAQ tab where in good faith we have tried to sell out answers to all of these scenarios and many more. We do however recommend that customers take out insurance through their home existing owners’ policy to cover things like loss of precious stones including diamonds and other stones. We offer a lifetime warranty on our products which covers most of the types of things you would expect – particularly a design defect where the ring comes apart. This happens at times and we ALWAYS work to get the customer a brand new ring – no questions asked! What happens if a customer drops the ring or it appears to be abused through use – although these are sometimes judgment calls we are also responsible for protecting the manufacturer and if we see that the ring was dropped and broke – we try and make the customer a special price on a new ring but they are typically NOT covered under the lifetime warranty. Most of our customers agree with this policy in that common sense makes it clear that it was not a defect – it was broken through an accident by the person wearing the ring. We are also asked by customers – and this is a good question – what about the proper care and proper maintenance of a ring?

    Most men's tungsten carbide wedding bands regardless of the metal they are made of can be thoroughly cleaned by simply using a soft dry or damp cloth without the use of chemicals of any kind. Using harsh chemicals on any type of jewelry product can lead to a loosening of precious stones, can also cause the ring to discolor and in some cases the use of chemical can actually void the manufacturer’s warranty. So be careful with the use and cleaning of your men’s ring. If you have used a harsh chemical by accident we would recommend that you take the ring to a local jeweler and have them use a tumbler cleaning machine to buff, clean and polish the product. And they can also inspect your ring if you have stones to make sure that none of them are loose. When you have had the experience of shopping our store – we would very much like your feedback as to how we might improve the overall customer experience. Is the store easy to navigate? Is it hard to find the exact product that you were searching for? Are the prices competitive and cause you to buy and if not why not? How about the colors on the site – are they pleasing to the eye? What would you have us add or remove that would make the overall buying and looking experience more delightful? You can reach us at the numbers we have listed below or at our email address and we hope you take the time to let us know how we can better improve your shopping with us! In conclusion we hope you enjoy your experience on tungstenrings.com and if you have any questions you can reach us via email at ringsales@live.com or by phone at 801-755-1661. We are available Monday-Saturday from 8 AM until 8 PM and although we sell online on Sunday our phone options are restricted on this day.

    Thank you for shopping our online store and with all sincerity we wish you every success not just with the product you buy but with your marriage. Our goal has been and always will be to earn yoru business for life – not just for your wedding ring but for all your needs in the future even if it is another ring for a friend or a loved one. Speaking of another ring – we also have a military policy whereby we give you a huge discount or in some cases a free ring once you have identified yourself or a loved one as military. You might one to call one of our customer service professionals should you have questions about this policy. Again, should you have questions please call our main number at 801-755-1661 or you can email us as well at ringsales@live.com.